Enabling people to access work spaces. Enabling hosts to make money.

My first ice cream.

"We envision being the App that enables people to access workspaces globally, and to be the ones who bring out extra unused workspaces to the market." The Co-Founders: Mohamed K. & Ali Shweki

Booming start-ups, increase in the number of free lancers, flexible corporates - there are many reasons that are causing the workforce to change and decentralize. These people need access to flexible work spaces on demand in the easiest form possible..

Hotdesk is an Online Platform that connects Coworking Spaces and Office Owners to people that are looking for a place to work. Hosts can upload their work spaces in a few clicks, and they can be accessed instantly by customers.

Do you have extra work spaces?

Hotdesk offers you a good way to earn some extra cash! If you're not fully using your work space, why not rent it to other people while it's free? Even if you are using your workspace every morning, why don't you rent it out in the afternoon? You can also checkout our Facebook and Twitter.