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About this work space

Antwork provides fully-furnished touch-less flexible and customizable workspace solutions!!! Our Main campus offers a 1​,​000 sqm garden in the middle of Beirut. Co-working spaces are available as well as private offices​,​ dedicated desks​,​ and meeting rooms. What is even more interesting and timely​,​ we offer Offices by the day! Our private offices are furnished​,​ naturally ventilated​,​ but also independently ventilated through a room-by-room ventilation system (each room has its own HVAC​,​ keeping it separate and protected from contagion between offices). Our touch-less solutions​,​ phone operated​,​ permission-based access control allows members to come in and leave without the need to make contact with doorknobs​,​ locks​,​ touchscreens​,​ light switches or any other tool or keys besides their own phones. Door access​,​ light​,​ and climate control for private offices and meeting rooms are all automated by means of QR code and the Antwork app. Members can avoid handling cash and credit cards by paying through the app for coffee and meals from our in-house café. For your safety​,​ we ask that you pick up your order at the café to avoid unnecessary handling.


  • WiFi
  • Projector
  • Printer
  • Writing board
  • Coffee
  • Pantry

Available workspaces

  • Hotdesks
  • Office rooms
  • Meeting rooms

Booking plans

  • Hourly
  • Daily
  • Monthly

Work space rules

Use of Premises & Spaces The Member undertakes: To comply with all the provisions of these terms and the internal system rules of the Premises and Spaces, as well as the circulars and amendments issued by Antwork SAL. To comply with all relevant laws and regulations in the conduct of business. To not undertake any illegal action or any activity that may interfere with the use of the Premises and Spaces or that may cause nuisance or disturbance or loss or damage. To not perform any commercial activity or celebration or promotion for goods within the Premises and Spaces or in any vehicles in the parking lots. To not display or sell goods, or promote activities or distribute brochures or advertising flyers or any similar promoting items on the Premises and Spaces or on any vehicles in the parking lots. To not sell or offer products or services of any religious, or political nature on the Premises and Spaces or in any vehicles in the parking lots. To use all shared spaces provided by Antwork SAL for member convenience with prudence including keeping kitchenettes, “Pantries” Refrigerators, cabinets, countertops and tabletops clean and tidy after use. All Member personal items shall be labeled with names and dates otherwise such items shall be thrown out by the end of each working week (Fridays). To access Antwork SAL Premises and Spaces within regular business hours (8am to 8pm) on regular business days from Monday to Saturday excluding public holidays or outside these business hours and business days for the purpose of using a Private Space alone. To notify Antwork SAL’s front desk of guest names, expected arrival time, and duration of visit. Upon arrival, said guests shall be asked to check in at the front desk whereby the Member will be notified of their arrival. To not perform any activity that may disturb or endanger other individuals within the Premises and Spaces or its neighbors, nor use the Premises and Spaces for any immoral or unlawful purposes, nor violate any law or ordinance. To not smoke in any indoor space including common areas and all private work spaces. To not bring and/or operate inflammable or incinerating substances onto the Premises, or anything with unpleasant or irritating or harmful odors. To not bring machines and engines, or carry out manufacturing and packaging that may produce disturbing sounds on the Premises and Spaces without prior consent or clear agreement in the special conditions of the SLA. To not bring heavy machinery, devices or equipment to the Premises and Spaces without Antwork SAL’s prior written consent. To not use any kind of additional lighting or heating equipment whatsoever on the Premises and Spaces, unless preapproved. To not, at any time, block corridors, stairs, elevators, or any entrances or exits of any common areas on the Premises, Spaces and within the parking lots. To not use any of the elevators originally specified for the transportation of individuals and building visitors for the transport of goods or commodities, or food or waste, equipment or furniture of any kind. To not install tents or separators of any kind or material whether on or above desks or the entrance to Private Spaces or on doors, or display, or change any color or shape of Private Space doors or entrances, nor display advertising banners or decorative items or lights. To not harm or disrespect the physical Premises and Spaces, equipment, fixtures, fittings and furnishings, and take good care of and keep in good repair the Premises and Spaces, equipment, fixtures, fittings and furnishings, and to preserve the above as a prudent administrator (pater familias) To not bring any pets onto the Premises and Spaces except on specified days that will be clearly announced to all members. To not use Antwork’s system and network to access the accounts of others or to penetrate or attempt to penetrate security measures of another entity’s computer software or hardware, electronic communications system or telecommunications system, whether or not the intrusion results in the corruption or loss of data. To not use Antwork’s system and network to transmit any material that infringes any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret or other proprietary rights of any third part.


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